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Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's Left of my Sanity

I have been slacking BIG TIME on my blog lately. Finally figured out why. Papers I've had to write have been more demanding than they were in the past. By the time I'm done with them I am wiped out! No desire to write anymore whatsoever. So it's beyond difficult for me to come on here and crank out a post. I've been cutting out things that have added to my stress level so I won't feel so overwhelmed trying to fit everything in. Which means I'm going to stop posting for a while. Just until things calm down for me. It sucks having to say that, but I need to save what's left of my sanity  so I can focus on getting my degree finished with. It's not goodbye forever, just for right now. I'll miss y'all! Ta ta for now :-(


  1. I took about a month break because of similar reasons, sometimes you just need some me time. Do what you got to do and come back soon! :)

    1. Yeah I think I just need time to adjust and then I'll be okay :-)


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