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Monday, February 25, 2013

Random Moments

So many parents think that if their child asks them to buy something then that's the only way to make them happy. They waste hundreds of dollars on buying the hot new gadget, or the same clothes every other kid is wearing. The only thing that does is make a spoiled child temporarily happy. People put so much emphasis on the amount of money they spend on their child and expect that to be a symbol of their love. Smartphones, tablets, expensive clothes.....those aren't symbols of love. Those are just things to satisfy them for the moment.

When children get older they don't use the things their parents bought as a measure of how much they were loved. They talk about moments. Not just birthdays and holidays, but random moments. When I look back on my childhood the random moments are the ones that stick out the most. There are things my mom bought me that I do remember, but there are memories attached to them. Like my Easy Bake Oven. I remember making so many of those little cakes for my mom to try out. Of course when I think about it now I can see through her attempts to try and choke down those awful cakes. But it's not like all I remember is getting the oven, I remember playing with my mom and being silly with her. There's a memory attached to it so it's not like all I remember is the object, it's the experience.

That's what children take away from their childhood when they grow up. Things mean nothing compared to moments and simple traditions. Traditions like having a family dinner or something like a family game night. Those are the moments that help build memories. Speaking of family game night we had one recently, more like game day. The boyfriend had his son over for the weekend and we decided if we're going to stay in we might as well make the most of it.

So while I was working on some things for school his son was busy playing with his wrestling game. He decided to turn his dad and I into wrestlers, and I thought that was so cute. So he and his dad are the Tag Team champions and I'm the Diva's Champion woot woot. After he was done with his game we decided to play Monopoly because he's never played the original version. Apparently what they say about beginner's luck applies to kids too because he wiped the floor with us! Soon as he learned how to get hotels he had a hotel on EVERYTHING! Now if you've ever played Monopoly you know that in the right spots having a strip of hotels is all you need to bankrupt someone fast. Despite the fact that we lost we had a great time though. It was a lot of fun sitting down and playing a game together. Just taking that time to have some quality downtime together was awesome.

Children just want you to spend time with them. Doesn't have to be anything big like a trip around the world, although that'd be really cool. They just want that quality time from random moments that'll leave a lasting impression on their lives.

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