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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Week So Far

So I've had four acupuncture sessions now and there's only been a little improvement. But I'm guessing it's one of those processes that takes time before you really see any results. She's been upgrading my treatments by adding more needles each time. During my last session she used 15 needles and had a heat lamp over my lower back. Kinda worked like a heating pad but after a while it was a bit too much. Now I know what food feels like when it sits under heat lamps.

It's been a lazy week and part of me feels a little perturbed cause I didn't make any progress in the house this week. But I needed some downtime to just relax and not do anything. And it felt good. I know it's because next Wednesday a new semester starts and I'll be back to the grind. I've also been in a little bit of a funk because I've been thinking about where I want to go for my Masters.

I was already thinking about going to Seton Hall because they have a great program. Then I looked at Walden University and their program is pretty great too. Both schools have internships as a part of the program, and both lead you to becoming licensed if that's one of your goals. But Seton Hall is for people who want to be licensed in New Jersey. Now I don't like in Jersey and have no plans on moving there so being licensed in that state does me no good. Walden has advisers who will help you with your state's licensing requirements. The only other thing I don't like is having to pay for my books since they're not included in tuition. Hrmmm.....decisions decisions....I've still got time to figure this out since I'm just starting my senior year. WOW I'm a senior in college! Yay me!!


  1. It's so exciting when you start thinking about grad school!! :)

    1. Exciting, many emotions all at the same time.


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