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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Making 2013 My Bish Link up 2013

I mentioned how this year a bunch of us bloggers are getting together to do a link up for the new year. Every year people feel the need to make a list of things they resolve to do differently. Which most of the time it's the same resolutions from the year before that they didn't accomplish. Resolutions are a funny thing though. Usually something along the lines of:

Lose weight
Get a new job
Quit smoking
Run a 10 day marathon with a starving cheetah strapped to my back

I mean who doesn't want to say they were able to finish a marathon right. But the problem with resolutions is they're this vague idea of something you think you want to accomplish without any real planning involved. So in order to make 2013 my bish I want to unroll my list for what I expect out of this year:

  • First things first, after this semester is over I'll be in my senior year and a few months away from getting my Bachelors degree. Christmas Eve 2013 is my expected graduation date. So if I have to I'll cram in extra courses to make sure I get done on time. This way I can take a short break before I start working on my Masters in Counseling. 
  • I might not be able to lift and move stuff around to get my packing done right now. But I can at least sort through stuff and make piles. So it's time to make some progress on sorting through my life. This way when I'm finally able to pack again all I have to do is box stuff up. 
  • It's been almost 10 years and I haven't touched anything in my mom's room. Her clothes, everything is where it was when she died. My mom was big on donating clothes to Goodwill. So I'm going to sort through her clothes and donate her suits and office wear to a charity downtown that provides low income women with clothes for job interviews and business clothes to wear to work. Her everyday clothes will go to Goodwill. I look at it this way, this is something she would've wanted me to do.
  • On that note I need to take a page from my mom's  playbook and be proactive. I think deep down she knew I wouldn't be able to think rationally enough to make the decisions I needed to make when she died. We'd also never had a discussion about what her wishes were in the event certain things happened. Don't think either one of us thought it was necessary. But I need to make a living will and instructions in the event of my untimely death. This way my loved ones aren't faced with those decisions. Honestly, having them decide what to do with me would cause so much harm. The first thing people think about is not wanting to let go, so it would be hard to follow my instructions with those thoughts in their head. 

So that's how my 2013 is going to go. What about you????

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  1. I'm sorry that you have to deal with your mom's things, but it sounds like you are ready to pick up those pieces. PS. you cracked me up about running a marathon with a cheetah on your back ;) Thanks for linking up, hun!

    1. I just can't keep hiding from it anymore. It'll be therapeutic to know her things will go to people who need them. Haha that's the only way you'd ever see me in a marathon I hate running.


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