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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Dogs Can Be Jerks

 In my corner of the world every winter is like a big game of "Maybe, Maybe Not." All of these weather forecasters with their Doppler Radar always know how to send people into a panic, or lull them into a false sense of calm. Ever since the Blizzard of 1996 I tend to be a little skeptical when it comes to weather forecasts. Weather forecasting is a 50/50 shot. Only job where you can be wrong 95% of the time and still collect a paycheck.

Back in January of 96 we didn't think we were going to have a blizzard. The night before they're telling us we'll get 6 inches to about 1 foot of snow. No big deal we've had snow before. Put some salt down out front before we go to bed and then get up a little early to shovel a path. Piece of cake! Well that's not what happened AT ALL!! I went to bed prepared for school and having to make my way through a little snow.

So the next morning my mom wakes me up with this blur of information. "You don't have school today because we're snowed in but you need to go outside and find your dog." Wait, what hold on back up a second. I don't have school today. WOOHOO!!! Wasn't there something about a dog.....oh yeah something about getting my dog. My bed was by the window at that time and I had a view of the one side of the backyard. I look outside and all I see is sparkly white snow EVERYWHERE. And it was really high too. Didn't realize how high that snow was until I went outside.

I got suited up and went downstairs to figure out what was going on. Mind you I've only been awake for 15 minutes at this point. At the time we had two dogs. A jet black cocker spaniel/springer spaniel mixed name Mike, and a little chihuahua/Jack Russel terrier mix named Bambi. I go in the kitchen and Mike's sitting on the floor looking at me. Bambi is nowhere to be seen. I open the door and BOOM walls of snow all around me except for this one tunnel that zig zags towards the back of the backyard. So I follow this path to the end of the yard and there he is. Bambi's sitting there in the snow all huddled up and shivering. Guess all that work to get back there must've made him too cold to find his way back. Rolled my eyes at him, picked him up and tucked him in my coat and headed back inside. Soon as we were indoors I pull him out of my coat and set him on the floor. My mom had a towel ready and she's drying him off and craddling him in the towel to warm him up.

Little dogs are always up to no good....

I learned two valuable lessons that day.

#1. Weather forecasters aren't always right. Considering they said we'd get 6-12 inches and we ended up with 3 feet of snow.

#2. If you let your dog go outside to go potty in the snow, put him on a leash because they love to wander.

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  1. Aww poor doggies! My dog will hold it until the snow is gone, so we HAVE to take him out ourselves. He's such a wuss. Haha.


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