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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First, Best, Last

So I was inspired by my girl Janna over at Perception is Everything when she did her blog about firsts. I changed it up a little bit to include my bests and lasts. The reason I'm doing it this way is because I was inspired by some posts I read this morning that made me want to get from under my blanket. Yeah I've had a rough few days but so what, other people have it way worse than I do. Besides, I'm getting closer to a resolution which makes me feel better. So anyways thank you for always putting a smile on my face Janna, Whitney, Brenda, Doyin and my fave new mom Katie. Pay it forward and go visit their blogs after you're done reading this post, click on their names and check out their blogs :-) 

First Love: When I was little I had a thing for Spiderman. I don't know something about that webcrawler made me giddy. I was dead set on being Mrs. Spiderman.

Best kiss: First time me and the boyfriend locked lips. It was the first time I threw caution to the wind and planted one on a guy instead of waiting for them to kiss me.

Last kiss: That would be from the boyfriend too. He can be sweet sometimes and give little kisses on the forehead when I'm not feeling like myself.

First Dream Job: I changed my mind A LOT when I was a kid. But the first job I wanted was to be a firefighter. Thanks to my asthma that's not going to happen now. And I'm no longer as willing to run into a burning building, but I give a lot of respect to those who do. Two months later I wanted to be an archaeologist.

Best Job: I do miss being a tour guide sometimes. I did the horse drawn carriage tours in the historic section of Philly and I loved it! Met people from all over the world and had a great time. I love being around horses and I thought it was cool. The pay wasn't great but it was a good summer job.

This was my Oliver I loved that horse so much

Last movie I bought: The Dark Knight Trilogy. During my teen years a.k.a. "comic book lover years" I found a new love interest. Batman! No superpowers just a ton of cash, some super cool weapons, a cave/mansion and the Batmobile. *sigh* To this day he holds a special place in my heart. Kinda miss reading comic books sometimes.

First Airplane Ride: When I was 13 my mom emptied her savings to send me on a 3 week trip to New Zealand and Fiji with this organization called People to People. Man that was a great trip! But the flight over sucked sooo much! 23 hr flight not including layovers in L.A. and Hawaii. Wouldn't have been so bad except for missing dinner on the way there (I was out like a light) and waking up to the Brady Bunch movie twice (a flight that long you'd think they'd have a double feature ready) on the way back.
Picture I took when we went snorkeling Daydream Island, Fiji 

Best way to spend a quiet day: I'm a book nerd. No ifs, ands or buts about it I love me some books. Since the day I saw Beauty & the Beast (Disney version) I've been dreaming about that giant library Belle gets. Yeah I want that bad! So I'm pretty content to curl up with a book until I fall asleep with my face holding it open.

Last book I bought: Speaking of books.....last one I bought was Mindhunter written by the FBI's top criminal profiler. This in no way contributes to my book hoarding, I simply couldn't pass up a great deal on Amazon. Besides I need more books if I'm going to have that floor to ceiling library.

First Concert: Prince Musicology Tour 2004! I haven't seen nearly as many concerts as I want, but the ones I've seen have been incredible. Prince, Etta James, Stevie Nicks, Vince Neil, WXTU 25th Anniversary show (where I got to see Jason Aldean for the first time woo) and Sugarland.

Best holiday garb: I used to have these light up antlers I wore at Christmas time, which seem to have disappeared. So I'll give this honor to my green cowboy hat with the sparkly fur trim and the blinking shamrock.

Last Halloween costume: Jem from Jem & the Holograms. Note to self: don't wait until night before to buy shoes for costume, especially when they're heels. Oh my feet hurt sooooo bad by the end of the night the boyfriend had to fireman carry me to car. Odds I'm ever wearing those shoes again: 0
Truly, truly, truly outrageous

First Celebrity Crush: Zack from Saved by the Bell. Which would explain why I have a thing for blondes. 

Best cartoon from the 80's: Jem & the Holograms!!! What did you think I was going to say The Smurfs?

Last TV show I watched: Revenge. That show is deliciously awesome.

First Album: Michael Jackson's Thriller. To this day I can't listen to the end of that song because Vincent Price's laugh creeps me out.

Best pick me up song: Good Vibrations. Thank you Mark Wahlberg for at one point being Marky Mark. I just can't help smiling and bopping my head every time I hear this song.

Last song I listened to: Footloose by Kenny Loggins. If I was up to it I would've done the dance too. Another one of those songs that puts you in a good mood. 

First time my jaw dropped: When I was in high school a select few of us were part of the All City Choir. Best singers from four different high school choirs. We'd rehearse for a couple months and then perform at the Academy of Music. Same stage that Marian Anderson and Maria Callas performed on. I remember being amazed when the curtain went up and the seats were packed with family and friends who came to watch us perform. Side note: there is nothing more difficult than doing the humming chorus from Madame Butterfly. Singing pitch perfect is one thing, try humming in key.

Best dessert I've ever had: Tiramisu! I don't normally crave desserts when I go out to eat. But no matter how full I am if there's tiramisu on the menu there's a good chance it's going in my belly.

Last time I laughed until I almost fell off the sofa: Needed something to brighten my mood this past weekend so I finally got to watch Ted. That movie was hi-larious! There were several times I almost rolled off the sofa or bounced my head off the ottoman I turned into my personal table. Nothing brightens my mood better than a raunchy comedy.

First curse word said in front of my mom: Ah the teenage years were all about pushing my boundaries. One of those boundaries was curse words. My mom was the kind of mom that everyone feared. Sweet as pie one minute, glare of death the next. So my friends and I were really careful not to say anything more than "damn" around her or else she'd chew us out. I waited until I was 19 before I dropped the F-bomb in front of her. We were in the car and somebody stopped short or something, mom hits the brakes and it just popped out my mouth. I tried to curl my body up and brace for the verbal assault but she just looked at me and laughed. 

Best way to have some me time: BUBBLE BATH! 'nuff said....

Last weird thing I ate: Snails. They're chewy but tasty. Not something I'd eat all the time like chicken, but every once in a while maybe once a year or three.

First OMG moment: The day I got my black belt. I was 15 yrs old and I was so pumped that I made it through. That test was ROUGH! There were 5 tests we had to pass:
  •  Kata - had to do 3 of those (karate moves made into a synchronized form like dance moves sort of)
  • Weapons - had to demonstrate my proficiency with a pair of nunchucks 
  • Self-Defense - don't remember how long that was
  • Wood breaking - had to design our own 5 station wood break and I almost failed this part because it took me 3 tries to get through the second station (only allowed 3 mistakes and then we failed the whole test and had to wait 3 months to retake it)
  • Sparring - 3 rounds, 5 minutes, 5 opponents and I had an asthma attack and ended up with a concussion but I passed so that's all that matters 
After all it took for me to get my black belt I felt pretty badass! Only 4 people from my school got their belt that day

Best snack from childhood: Gummy bears! No matter how old I get I will always love those things.

Last random act of kindness: holding the door open for an older gentleman

First big purchase: When I worked at Macy's I used my employee discount to buy a bottle of Vera Wang Princess perfume. I no longer have it but I used to love the smell of it and used it sparingly.

Best compliment someone gave me: You remind me of your mom
My mom and Bambi....I'll have to tell you the blizzard of '96 story sometime...

Last thing I ate: Chinese food

So now it's your turn.....share some of your firsts, bests and lasts with me:

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