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Friday, January 18, 2013

Coping Skills

I posted earlier about how I felt like staying under my blanket non-stop. It's one of my childhood coping skills. When the world feels like it's coming in I hide under my blanket until everything feels better. But childhood skills aren't helping. Gotta put on the big girl panties and work on big girl coping skills. One of my biggest issues is limits. Goals, time limits. I do it for school and it seems to work out just fine.

My problem is that when I make to-do lists I get bummed when I don't finish everything. Lately I've been working on ranking things in order of priority. This way the more important stuff gets done first. I have to remind myself it's okay if I don't finish everything. Even the important stuff, unless it's life or death, can get pushed back a day. There are days when I feel like I want to be super productive. And times when I could care less. Especially if it's something that doesn't really interest me then it's easier for me to procrastinate.

Another thing I have to work on is reasonable limits. There are things I just can't do right now because of physical limitations. Last weekend was an issue because there were so many things I put off because I couldn't focus long enough. It's gotten better though. Like right now I'm taking a break between working on research for my science project to do this. Like I said my coping skills need some work. I'm a work in progress. Having that mantra in the back of my head will hopefully keep me on track. Keep me from wanting to slip back under the blanket and hide from the world. Which reminds me I need to make a playlist for those times. Music is a big part of my life. Always has been, always will be. I figure as long as I have music to help me it should make things a little easier.

Funny Music Ecard: I feel a profound connection to you based on the music in your shared iTunes folder.

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