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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bragging Rights

I have been seriously slacking lately on my updates. I realized there's things I've forgotten to do lately because of having some down moments. Trying to catch up on everything else reminded me that there were some things I forgot to mention.

Looks like we're a wrestling family now. Not sure if I mentioned it before but the boyfriend's son is a jock. Football and baseball. So we had our routine of being at every practice and every game. Not to mention the fact that the boyfriend still plays softball during the summer and fall. Well now we're adding wrestling to the list and his son is doing pretty well for his first year. What I wasn't prepared for was the dramatics attached to wrestling. Man I have never seen so much crying and so many temper tantrums in one day. I am so glad his son handles his losses better than some of these other kids. You can definitely tell the difference between the parents who taught their kids that "winning is everything" and "losing isn't the end of the world." The boyfriend's son has a lot of potential though. Even though he's had 3 losses he's never been pinned, he refuses to be pinned. Course we do get excited every time he pins someone, but he knows win or loss there's something he can learn from every match.

Now me on the other hand I have some updates about my fantasy football standings. I mentioned a while back that our playoffs had started and I was waiting to see where I ended up. Looks like I'm ending the season in 1st and 2nd place for the two leagues where I made it to the playoffs. WOOT WOOT!!! I am very, very happy about that! Big jump from last year. I learned some things this year and I'll be using the advice I got to help me do well again next year. Sucks I have to wait until September before I can start again. Not sure if I want to do fantasy baseball.....we'll see. Anyways, I have to go finish my project.

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