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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Me and Fantasy Football

Back in October I talked about why I play Fantasy Football. Bragging rights plain and simple. People have this tendency to assume that because I'm a woman I don't know much about sports. Ya'll would be soooo wrong!! I grew up on football, wrestling and hockey and fell in love with baseball as I got older. So I know a thing or two when it comes to sports. I might not be able to spit out someone's stats from when they were in college, or tell you which team drafted which players in which round. But I know a few things.

So when a friend of mine talked me into fantasy football, I figured it only made sense to try my skills. Now last year I came in 8th place in the league. Which isn't too bad for a rookie. This year because I had so much downtime thanks to my back issues I ended up being in four leagues instead of one like I was last year. Mainly cause the people in a couple of my leagues don't participate (which is annoying, why sign up if you're not gonna be active). Anywho, I did bad in two of the leagues. Which brings me to another thing that pisses me off about some people who play fantasy football. First they do an auto-draft. Now for those of you who don't play that means they make a wishlist of who they want and the computer picks their team for them. I understand if you can't make it because something came up, but honestly there's enough times available where you can pick something that fits your schedule. So no excuses. Then these people don't bother to adjust their lineups every week and hoard good players. Which means us active players can't draft them because their owners are too lazy to play.

So in two of my leagues I did pretty bad. Which bugs me because it wasn't a fair fight. But in the other two leagues I made it to the playoffs. Right now I'm tied for 1st in the division in one league, and I'm in 2nd place in the other one. WOOT WOOT!!! Doing my happy wiggle!! I feel pretty damn good about myself for being able to kick butt. Never imagined I'd be in 1st or 2nd place so I'm SUPER HAPPY!! Soon as the playoffs are over I'll let you know what my final standings were. :-)


  1. Second place is AWESOME! I would probably be in last, so I am super proud of you!

    1. Thanks Janna! I'm happy with second place. Hopefully next season I'll be in more active leagues. Kinda sad football's almost over since there's no hockey this winter :-(


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