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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthday Girl

So my 31st birthday is tomorrow. YAY ME! And my best friend's birthday is 3 days after mine. Being the sweet guy that his is, the boyfriend took us out for breakfast. Not just any breakfast. A breakfast buffet! Yeeahhh I got my eat on :-)

There's a place not far from here called Shady Maple Smorgasbord. We've been there before for dinner and OH MY that food is soooo delicious. So this time we figured we'd try out the breakfast version and see how good that was. I'm glad I wore sweatpants (or eating pants as I call them) because I was so stuffed by the time we left. But it was great for us to go out and have a great time together. Me, the boyfriend and his son, our best friends and their youngest daughter. I got to have eggs Benedict, for the first time in I don't remember how long, on top of all the other stuff I got. It was funny watching the kids come back with their pancake creations. They had one area where you could fill your pancakes with whatever you wanted. So what did the kids choose? M&Ms.

My best friend and I got great birthday gifts too. Downstairs they have an enormous gift shop filled with a lot of great stuff. I told the boyfriend I wanted a Tinkerbell figurine for Christmas, so we went down so I could show him which 2 I really liked the most. Options means there's still an element of surprise because I don't know which one he's picking. Oh yeah, I should rewind and explain the Tinkerbell thing.

When I was younger I was a relatively quiet child with a very expressive face. The only thing that's seemed to change is the fact that I'm vocal and still have an expressive face. Anyways back to what I was saying. Since I was the way I was my mom called me Tinkerbell, or Tink. So that started my fascination with Tinkerbell. That and someone told me a couple years ago my facial structure is just like hers, just with a really good tan hahaha. So here are the birthday gifts I got.

This pretty piece was a gift from my best friend <3 <3 her

New coffee mug from the boyfriend yay!


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