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Monday, December 3, 2012

An Odd Number

Everyone has a different perspective on getting older. Some people look at it like it's a burden, while others embrace and move on. I don't spazz when it comes to getting older. Probably because of two reasons. #1. My mom told me my birthday was like my own personal I celebrate with enthusiasm. #2. Part of me didn't think I'd make it past 16. So I tend to get a bit excited when my birthday is close.

Last year before I turned 30 a bunch of my older friends were telling me "you're going to love your 30's" and they were right. So far my 30's have been AWESOME. I was thrilled to turn 30 because my 20's had been pretty rough, I wasn't sad to see them go. 30 meant my life was getting onto the track I wanted it to and things were finally looking up.

Now I got pretty comfortable with saying 30. I was proud. It was a nice round number. Now I'm 31. I'm an odd number. I'm also an odd person sometimes so eh. My mind hasn't really been on me lately so it took a little bit longer for me to get in the birthday mood. Between working on this fundraiser we're having Saturday and Christmas shopping, it's been all about other people.

My birthday weekend started off with a trip to the best buffet I've ever been to. Since my best friend's birthday is 3 days after mine it was a family affair. The boyfriend, his son, myself, my BFF, her hubby/the boyfriend's BFF and their youngest daughter. We went to this place called Shady Maple Smorgasbord. It's run by the Amish and OH.MY.GAWD. it is delicious!!! Now we'd been there for dinner but not breakfast. We just made it there in time to get a couple rounds of food in before they started setting up for lunch. They start their breakfast buffet at 5:30am, not a chance in hell I'm getting up that early. Afterwards we exchanged gifts before we went our separate ways to relax and let our food continue to settle.

Sunday, my birthday, was also Football Day so I spent the whole day in my new pjs and was as lazy as I could possibly be. OHH it was heaven! Needed a little down time to unwind. I will say I got some great stuff for my birthday. I didn't get pictures of everything I got, sorry. But check out some of my birthday loot:

Tink figurine from my BFF

Mini water fountain to help me relax.....thanks babe

Woohoo Steelers coffee Mug from the boyfriend :-)

Mah new pjs

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