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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Link Up for 2013

Okay peeps my blog friend Janna is starting a link up and I'm here to spread the word so we can get as many people involved as possible! So here's how it works:

We're gonna make 2013 or bish! Instead of making resolutions take the time to decide what you want next year to be all about. Don't make the same old resolutions you make and fail to achieve every year. Make DECLARATIONS about what 2013 is going to be! I'm part of the link up and you should be too! Go to Janna's page (click here) and grab the link up button. Post it on your blog and list the ways you're gonna make 2013 your bish!!

Perception Is Everything

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Home

Growing up on the East Coast I'm pretty used to having four seasons. Most of the time I like it. I would miss the sunshine if I lived in Alaska and dealt with the 6 months of night part. But sometimes I really, really like to fantasize about what it would be like to have a winter home. Follow the logic won't you......okay some people have summer homes near beaches and whatnot they visit, but me I want a home somewhere warm to visit when it's too dang cold where I live. I like to watch it snow, I just don't like being out in in or shoveling it or worrying about falling and busting my butt because it's slippery out. I don't like the icy cold winds and the icy cold rain that pops up during winter time. I'm not a fan of winter at all, which some people think is funny considering I was born in the winter.

Just because I'm a winter baby doesn't mean I have to like this season so :-P

I have this board on my Pinterest page where I've put together all the parts of my fantasy Barbie Dream House/Winter Home. It would be on an island somewhere that's already been developed and has electricity, an airport, hospital, running water and wi-fi. I could learn to grow my own food, and someone living on the island would be our butcher. So as long as I have the basics I'm okay. Here's a sample of what it would look like:

I'll take one of these too
Hot tub outside with privacy wall in case I'd like to be nekkid....
Pretty cool pool
Indoor pool through the house .....
Amazing spa bathroom with a stone soaking tub and and natural...
Master bathroom.....
Modern canopy bed vox5287
Master bedroom....
Stairs leading to first floor....
romantic & airy bedroom
One of the guest rooms....
circular kitchen
mah wine cellar
Wine cellar....
Swimming pool in the living room...hmmm
Living room with different decorations though....
Link to many different hot tub sites
Mah pool....

Hey a girl can dream can't she

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Happy Holidays

In this time of political correctness I say BAH HUMBUG!! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus!!! Hold your loved ones tight and appreciate the silly moments, the joyful moments and even the not so great moments because these are the moments you'll always remember. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and see you in 2013!!!

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: Let's celebrate Christ's birthday this year by ignoring the fact that he would have celebrated Hanukkah.
Nothing like pointing out the obvious

Funny New Year's Ecard: Here's to the end of another shitty year we'll one day be strangely nostalgic for.
Happy New Years hahaha!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Me and Fantasy Football

Back in October I talked about why I play Fantasy Football. Bragging rights plain and simple. People have this tendency to assume that because I'm a woman I don't know much about sports. Ya'll would be soooo wrong!! I grew up on football, wrestling and hockey and fell in love with baseball as I got older. So I know a thing or two when it comes to sports. I might not be able to spit out someone's stats from when they were in college, or tell you which team drafted which players in which round. But I know a few things.

So when a friend of mine talked me into fantasy football, I figured it only made sense to try my skills. Now last year I came in 8th place in the league. Which isn't too bad for a rookie. This year because I had so much downtime thanks to my back issues I ended up being in four leagues instead of one like I was last year. Mainly cause the people in a couple of my leagues don't participate (which is annoying, why sign up if you're not gonna be active). Anywho, I did bad in two of the leagues. Which brings me to another thing that pisses me off about some people who play fantasy football. First they do an auto-draft. Now for those of you who don't play that means they make a wishlist of who they want and the computer picks their team for them. I understand if you can't make it because something came up, but honestly there's enough times available where you can pick something that fits your schedule. So no excuses. Then these people don't bother to adjust their lineups every week and hoard good players. Which means us active players can't draft them because their owners are too lazy to play.

So in two of my leagues I did pretty bad. Which bugs me because it wasn't a fair fight. But in the other two leagues I made it to the playoffs. Right now I'm tied for 1st in the division in one league, and I'm in 2nd place in the other one. WOOT WOOT!!! Doing my happy wiggle!! I feel pretty damn good about myself for being able to kick butt. Never imagined I'd be in 1st or 2nd place so I'm SUPER HAPPY!! Soon as the playoffs are over I'll let you know what my final standings were. :-)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Remember the Victims of Sandy Hook

There will be no mention of the sociopath who murdered 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT. I will not make him a celebrity by making him a memory. He took the coward's way out by committing suicide after doing something as disgusting and heinous as to take the lives of innocent people. What I will do is highlight the names of those who were killed for no reason:


These are the names that should be remembered. 

Click here for CNN's tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Moments of Productivity

One of the worst parts of having an anxiety disorder is being able to function. Normal worries like bills are one thing. When I have my to-do list on a 24 hr loop through my head, it tends to get super annoying. I get up with a plan to be Little Miss Productive and my brain decides it wants to be no help at all. Say I need to work on a project. I open my laptop, start doing research and then BOOM distraction pops in. A need to check my email, or a response to a post on Facebook, or whatever. Before you know it I've got 5 or 6 tabs open bouncing between them trying to do a million things at one time.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else. 

It's not always this bad. I have moments when I start and finish one thing at a time. Like a few minutes ago I was able to run through some research for a PowerPoint I need to make for school before I decided to come make this blog post. My mind isn't always running rampant thankfully. But sometimes just a little distraction is bad enough. I think the biggest reason things have been getting better is because I've started prioritizing things lately.

I make to-do lists constantly. But there used to be no rhyme or reason to them. Just a big old list of stuff I needed to get done. Now I have this to-do list app on my phone that helps keep me organized. I can color code based on priority level, separate lists by category, and set due dates and reminders. So now I don't get upset if I didn't cross everything off in one day. I used to feel like a failure, no matter how much I got done, if I managed to have just one thing still needing to be done. It gets to be pretty draining especially when you have other things on your mind. One step at a time.......

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Training for 9 yr olds

Now I like to think of myself as doing all I can to prepare my niece for the world. My methods may seem a little unorthodox, but hey I think they're effective. So here's what happened:

I'm a huge fan of the TV show The Walking Dead. My best friend just started watching it last night. At some point my niece came into the living room while my best friend's daughter and I were making zombie noises. Before I continue I have to preface my next statement with this "my niece doesn't handle scary very well." Now that I've said that let's move on. So we're in the living room making zombie noises and she comes out to find out what's going on. When somebody's making zombie noises it's a little less freaky when they're standing right in front of you. So she laughed and played along and pretended like she was running away. She'd wait a second then creep up towards me when she thought my back was turned. Then I'd do my zombie thing again and she'd laugh and run away.

Warning: violent subject matters ahead!

A little while later I'm on my way to the bathroom and I decide to peek my head in the doorway and make zombie noises. Completely forgetting about the fact that she doesn't do scary. So I slither in in full zombie mode and she goes ballistic. Insert screeching little girl with a doll high chair in her hands perched on the bed trying to defend herself from zombie aunt. Yeeaahhh not the best idea I've ever had but at least I stopped at the doorway and didn't go further in because I think she would've whacked me. No scratch that I know for a fact she would've whacked me in the gut with her doll's high chair. And she would've been in the right for defending herself because for that moment she thought her aunt was a zombie.

So if I teach you all nothing else readers: Don't play zombie apocalypse with your 9 year old niece! That's how people get busted in the gut with a high chair.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stocking Swap 2012

So I took a chance to be a little adventurous and entered a Stocking Swap this year. A few of us bloggers signed up and just like a Secret Santa, we were randomly assigned a partner. Today I got my stocking and I LOVE IT! My swap partner put together an awesome stocking for me.

As you can see there's a ton of great stuff she sent me. Thank you so much Heather Fox from I love it! Those sweet mints are going in my purse since I seem to always run into someone with a case of bad breath. At some point I will try to use the cookie skillet too. That has to be the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

P.S. Thanks for sending The Grinch, not sure if I ever mentioned on here how much I love that movie. If we do this again next year I hope we keep the same people.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sleep Deprivation

Well this weekend was beyond busy! Saturday was Jason's fundraiser (his back story). I swear there aren't enough hours in the day when you're on a tight schedule. Between running around to pick up donations for the Chinese Auction, stopping in to businesses we hadn't heard back from, and picking up supplies for Saturday. Whole lot of running and barely enough sleeping.

We were up til 1am I think on Thursday night, up til 3-3:30am Friday night, and up and moving from 9:30am til about 3:30-4am Saturday. I definitely plan on slipping in some extra sleep here and there this week when I can to make up. It's one of those situations where I can't even be upset or grumpy about my lack of sleep. It's not like I stayed up reading a book or watching TV you know. Those late nights were done for a good cause.

The whole purpose of this fundraiser was to raise money for the family and raise awareness for childhood cancer. Ever year we have it drilled in our heads about breast cancer awareness for an entire month. While that is a good thing, people tend to forget about all the other forms of cancer out there. People don't realize, unless they know someone, how devastating childhood cancers are. Not just on the child but their family too. A random genetic thing can strip a child of their childhood in an instant. Can't go out and play with other kids because the germs they carry would be life threatening. Visitors are limited and have to take precautions before they can even be around the child. A cough, a sneeze, or that little feeling that you're coming down with something means you can't go anywhere near them. Food and drink need to be monitored. The worst part of it is the medicines they're given. These children are having chemicals pumped into their system to kill off the disease. Those chemicals change the way they feel, think, act. Their families just have to sit and watch and hope that all goes well and the treatment is effective.

So I'll continue to be sleep deprived if it means that one family can get the support they need.

I want to roll out the list of people who deserve a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the help they provided us:

  • Jen McGinn from All American Sports Pub
  • Brad from Berks Lanes
  • Patti Lutchkus
  • Carri Finkbeiner-Rapp
  • Laura from Jamberry Nails
  • Rob Marella from Seafood Shanty
  • Liz Goos from It's All the Rage Hair Designs
  • Dave from Party City
  • Jess & Bob Santoro
  • Bryan Anastasio from Lasting Image Tattoo Shop
  • WWE
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Reading Fightin Phils
  • Natasha Englebach from Hair on the Avenue
  • Celeste Arrowood from Portrait Innovations
  • Molly Campbell from Dandelion Jewelry Store
  • Olive Garden
  • Yankee Candle
  • Penn Avenue Music
  • Lebo's Pedal Parlor
  • Wyomissing Fitness & Training
  • Red Lobster
  • Learning Express
  • Austin's Steakhouse/Yogo Crazy/J.B. Dawson's
  • Chili's 
  • The Dog Stops Here

*A special Thank You to some anonymous donors who helped support our cause as well


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Human Pincushion

I talked briefly about the issues I'm having with my back. Long story short, car accident messed up my lower back and now I'm in pain all the time and I get snappy real easily. Been in treatment for 10 months now and nothing seems to work. It is so frustrating, irritating, annoying and debilitating. You get your hopes up thinking "this time it's gonna work." And then after you take the necessary steps and the process doesn't work, frustration sets in. It's like getting slapped in the face.

So I got to a point where I go into each new process with no expectations. Better not to get my hopes up and have them crushed anymore. It's a very tiring thing. You go through the motions and when nothing works you start back at zero again. Mentally and physically exhausting. Mentally this doesn't help my anxiety any, which is why I started seeing a psychiatrist. I'm irritable and feel like a ball of nerves 24/7. Physically I feel like I should be kept in a bubble. Imagine wanting to cuddle with the one you love and not being able to. I can't sit in one position for too long because I get uncomfortable. So it's nearly impossible to snuggle because I just can't get comfortable. I barely like being touched because I'm so agitated all the time.

I told the boyfriend I feel like a science experiment. Always poking, prodding and testing new theories on their little lab rat. Today was a new adventure in the scientific method. Had something called facet injections. Which is a step above the trigger point injections I had months ago. Doctor uses a fluoroscope to guide them into the right spot because these injections go in deeper. I will say they were highly irritating. Felt a lot of pressure as he was injecting me and then some soreness afterward. But the relief I had was extremely temporary and once again I got a little blue. Now like I said I went in with low expectations, but there's always that little part of me that still hopes. I can't not have hope that something will work, I just don't go in there feeling like Little Mary Sunshine. Another round next month, and if those don't work then it's on to the next thing. I just want this to be over with!!!! Sick and tired of feeling this way. But I keep reminding myself that no matter how bad this is, there are people who wish this was the worst of their problems. So I don't get too down for simple reasons: it could always be worse and at least I woke up today and can reasonably function. So many people don't have those options and I'm lucky that I do.

Monday, December 3, 2012

An Odd Number

Everyone has a different perspective on getting older. Some people look at it like it's a burden, while others embrace and move on. I don't spazz when it comes to getting older. Probably because of two reasons. #1. My mom told me my birthday was like my own personal I celebrate with enthusiasm. #2. Part of me didn't think I'd make it past 16. So I tend to get a bit excited when my birthday is close.

Last year before I turned 30 a bunch of my older friends were telling me "you're going to love your 30's" and they were right. So far my 30's have been AWESOME. I was thrilled to turn 30 because my 20's had been pretty rough, I wasn't sad to see them go. 30 meant my life was getting onto the track I wanted it to and things were finally looking up.

Now I got pretty comfortable with saying 30. I was proud. It was a nice round number. Now I'm 31. I'm an odd number. I'm also an odd person sometimes so eh. My mind hasn't really been on me lately so it took a little bit longer for me to get in the birthday mood. Between working on this fundraiser we're having Saturday and Christmas shopping, it's been all about other people.

My birthday weekend started off with a trip to the best buffet I've ever been to. Since my best friend's birthday is 3 days after mine it was a family affair. The boyfriend, his son, myself, my BFF, her hubby/the boyfriend's BFF and their youngest daughter. We went to this place called Shady Maple Smorgasbord. It's run by the Amish and OH.MY.GAWD. it is delicious!!! Now we'd been there for dinner but not breakfast. We just made it there in time to get a couple rounds of food in before they started setting up for lunch. They start their breakfast buffet at 5:30am, not a chance in hell I'm getting up that early. Afterwards we exchanged gifts before we went our separate ways to relax and let our food continue to settle.

Sunday, my birthday, was also Football Day so I spent the whole day in my new pjs and was as lazy as I could possibly be. OHH it was heaven! Needed a little down time to unwind. I will say I got some great stuff for my birthday. I didn't get pictures of everything I got, sorry. But check out some of my birthday loot:

Tink figurine from my BFF

Mini water fountain to help me relax.....thanks babe

Woohoo Steelers coffee Mug from the boyfriend :-)

Mah new pjs

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthday Girl

So my 31st birthday is tomorrow. YAY ME! And my best friend's birthday is 3 days after mine. Being the sweet guy that his is, the boyfriend took us out for breakfast. Not just any breakfast. A breakfast buffet! Yeeahhh I got my eat on :-)

There's a place not far from here called Shady Maple Smorgasbord. We've been there before for dinner and OH MY that food is soooo delicious. So this time we figured we'd try out the breakfast version and see how good that was. I'm glad I wore sweatpants (or eating pants as I call them) because I was so stuffed by the time we left. But it was great for us to go out and have a great time together. Me, the boyfriend and his son, our best friends and their youngest daughter. I got to have eggs Benedict, for the first time in I don't remember how long, on top of all the other stuff I got. It was funny watching the kids come back with their pancake creations. They had one area where you could fill your pancakes with whatever you wanted. So what did the kids choose? M&Ms.

My best friend and I got great birthday gifts too. Downstairs they have an enormous gift shop filled with a lot of great stuff. I told the boyfriend I wanted a Tinkerbell figurine for Christmas, so we went down so I could show him which 2 I really liked the most. Options means there's still an element of surprise because I don't know which one he's picking. Oh yeah, I should rewind and explain the Tinkerbell thing.

When I was younger I was a relatively quiet child with a very expressive face. The only thing that's seemed to change is the fact that I'm vocal and still have an expressive face. Anyways back to what I was saying. Since I was the way I was my mom called me Tinkerbell, or Tink. So that started my fascination with Tinkerbell. That and someone told me a couple years ago my facial structure is just like hers, just with a really good tan hahaha. So here are the birthday gifts I got.

This pretty piece was a gift from my best friend <3 <3 her

New coffee mug from the boyfriend yay!