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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Blood...They Took Mah Blood!!

AHHHH I've been attacked by Vampires!!!! THEY TOOK MY BLOOD!! 4 vials of my precious, precious blood :-(

Of course as we speak my body is already making more to replace what they stole from me yesterday. Guess I can't say they stole it if I willingly sat there, didn't start a kung fu showdown and run screaming from the building. They did take other stuff from me too. My pee! This is how it all started......

Last week when I went to see my new primary doctor I mentioned to her how someone told me there's a possibility I'm anemic. See I went to give blood and I couldn't because my iron count was too low. So once I said that she ordered a bunch of tests to be run and said I needed to get blood drawn. Now I'm not a big fan of needles, I'm the person who turns their head when the needle goes in. But I don't have a problem turning around and looking once the needle is in.

When I got to Quest Diagnostics I was all prepared to get my blood drawn. Mind you I was a bit cranky because I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight (what am I a Gremlin). So I'm sitting in the waiting room staring at a water cooler and wondering what the hell is taking so long. Apparently it doesn't matter when your appointment time is since they have a 15 minute grace period to take you back. 20 minutes after my scheduled time I was taken back. Sat down and as I was rolling up my sleeves she said they'd need a urine sample too. Ummmm nobody told me you needed that, but whatever. I was concerned whether I'd have enough in the tank since I hadn't drank anything for hours. Magically I had just enough. Now I have to wait until next Tuesday to find out the results of my lab work. Fingers crossed she doesn't tell me something's wrong because I'm not up for adding another issue to my full plate of crap. I'll keep you updated when I get my results.

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