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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Precious

Between catching up on everything I was behind on in school thanks to Sandy, I've been pretty busy lately. I had these great posts all lined up for this week and I was ready to start publishing them when my laptop decided it was too sick to go on. I had this Dell Latitude, originally pink, that I've had problems from since the day I bought it. Now I love eBay, but there are some things you don't get on eBay. Like used laptops. Why? Because you have no clue what the previous owner did to it. And they're not going to tell you the whole truth, like "hey I rebuilt this and it didn't go as planned so I'm selling it have fun" or in my case "there's a virus I can't get rid of and your hard drive is only going to last you 1 more year."

The first year I didn't have any major issues with it and I was happy, until I cracked the screen. Laptop was on the floor and in my half-awake fog I flopped my leg off the sofa and put my foot on the floor. Couldn't figure out why the floor felt uneven until I sat up and heard a CRACCKK after I put the full force of my weight onto my laptop and cracked the screen. One new screen later I was back to being happy, until the fancy new operating system died on me. Apparently the guy who fixed my screen put an illegal version of Windows 7 on there and when I went to install updates it went away. 

After a while I finally got that taken care of when my laptop started acting funny. Turns out they finally found the virus that wiped out my wireless network. They also said I needed a new hard drive, they installed a good version of Windows XP, oh and they had to take what few good parts I had left in my pretty pink laptop and switch them over to a new gray one. Unhappy about the color change, happy about having a functioning laptop. Well, until I dropped it again. See what had happened was I had my laptop bag on my shoulder and my hands were full of grocery bags. Well when I went to put the bags down, because I was losing feeling in my fingers, my laptop bag slipped off my shoulder and I heard it tap the floor. Nothing too bad, no broken screen, just the colors were off. 

Took it to a different repair shop and they fixed my screen for $50. All was wonderful until my hard drive crashed a few months ago. I was able to restore it and get away with minimal loss. Figured I could hold off on getting a new laptop until Christmas. My boyfriend said he'd get me one for Christmas and I figured as long as it didn't crash again I could wait. Weelll, it crashed again on me Monday night. Wednesday I went to Best Buy and after a lot of discussion I left (well I came back the next day to pick it up after they installed stuff) with an HP ENVY m6 that I call My Precious. It is AAWWEESOOMMMMMEEE!!!!! Windows 8, nice and light, backlit keyboard, Beats audio and HD video. And this has "Holy Crap" insurance that covers anything that could possibly happen to it. I love my precious :-) Now I can spend the weekend working on getting some posts lined up for next week, I promise I won't leave you all stranded again.
My Precious


  1. Major bummer gf! I hope it gets better!

    1. Tons better now that I have a reliable laptop :-) Never, ever, ever getting a Dell again they're crap!!


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