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Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Moments of Happiness

If you're anything like me sometimes you get so caught up in doing other things that you forget about yourself completely. Especially with the holidays being thrown in your face. Ahem, you're on notice Target!! Doesn't help that commercials about holiday sales are creeping in earlier and earlier than they used to. I mean some places aren't even waiting until Halloween is over before they start cramming Christmas down your throat. Yeah I'm talking about you Walmart with four aisles of Halloween right next to two aisles of Christmas stuff!!

It's insane because your mind starts going over all the things you need to get for other people. Halloween costumes, makeup, candy, party goods and whatnot. Then BOOM you see Black Friday previews and Christmas ads and the wheels start spinning. I need to get this, so & so needs that, blah blah would love one of these. And at some point when New Year's is over  you sit and think about what you would've liked to get but is now currently out of stock because of holiday madness and last minute store mauling by people who wait until the last minute to shop.

Every once in a while I like doing something for me to remind myself hey me I love me and you deserve something. Little moments of happiness for yourself is what I like to call them. It's never anything big like a trip somewhere. And nothing ridiculously expensive like that $1,000 pair of super awesome boots I saw that I would never buy but would love to have in my alternate dream world where I'm a millionaire. So this past weekend I did a little me shopping. Now sometimes "me shopping" ends up being mostly things I need but keep forgetting to get and maybe one or two things I've been dying to get my hands on.

So we went to Walmart and I got some things I needed: razors, woman supplies, deodorant. A couple things I've wanted to pick up: the new Tinkerbell movie and Magic Mike (really why are you surprised by this combo you know how random I am). And then on our way to checkout......I saw it!! I can't remember how many weeks ago I saw the ads about the anniversary edition coming out, but from the minute I saw them I said I need to add that to my DVD collection. Well I managed to find something one step better than just getting the anniversary DVD.


Let me explain why this is a big deal. My very first movie EVER was E.T. Mind you I was only 5 months old when this movie came out. So I don't actually remember the first time I saw it. But my mom told me that this was my first movie. Imagine how far my jaw dropped when I saw that! Way better than a DVD. Now I've got my own mini-E.T.!!! Of course he is staying in the box to prevent him from getting lost or dusty. Because so help me if he disappears there will be hell to pay!

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