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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank You Readers :-)

I'd like to just give a quick THANK YOU to all my readers who've dropped by since Bionic Dee started. So a HUGE thank you to people from the following countries for stopping by and definitely come back anytime and SHARE ME WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I provided a nifty little translator on the page so no matter where you're from you can read my posts in whatever language you like.

THANK YOU (in no particular order)!


Shipping and Receiving

The older I get the more I understand why people prefer to buy things online. There are some things I feel have to be bought in store though. Laptops, TVs....big electronics purchases in general. But, for the other stuff I can just stay home in my pjs (enjoying the comforts of being bra-less....seriously is there anything better than not having an over the shoulder boulder holder on) with my feet propped up on the sofa and my laptop on my lap. I'm one of those people who can't go into a store and buy one thing. It seems like it's physically impossible for me. If I'm there for girly products I usually leave with snacks, some random item and one or two things I forgot to get the last time I was there.

And don't even get me started on how bad it is when I go into a Barnes & Noble. Bookstores are like crack to me. Can't just get a book....NOOOOOO...that would be too sensible. I leave with a bag of books. Most of them I haven't gotten around to reading yet. Well, okay, 95% of the books I have at home I haven't read yet because I have so damn many of them. I wasn't kidding when I said I want bookshelves that reach from floor to ceiling FILLED with books like in Beauty & the Beast.

My shopping habits tend to result in me having tired hands, sore shoulders, and an angry back because I have so many bags. Can't walk normal either, end of shuffle/waddling swaying from side to side looking like a bag lady. Soooo online shopping eliminates all that. The biggest down side to online shopping is the shipping part. We've already gone over how I don't want to drag all that stuff home with me and end of exhausted. So everything gets shipped to me. Then comes the waiting and the stalking.

If you've ever had anything shipped you know the routine. First email says your order was processed. Next one says it was shipped and you get that lovely tracking number. Then the stalking starts. I am obsessive about that. I will constantly refresh the page until it says "Out for delivery." Typically it always says it will arrive by "end of day", well what the hell does that mean. I thought end of day meant by 5pm-6pm. Since that's what time my packages usually showed up, if not some time right after I've woken up and haven't had caffeine yet. But according to UPS "end of day" means by 7pm or later depending on how busy the driver is. Sometime after 7pm I received my new textbook for the upcoming semester and a ginormous box. Seriously the thing came up to my knees. Now I know what I ordered, two mugs, so I was expecting a small normal sized box. Nope apparently when ships something they take extra precautions to make sure your package gets to you in one piece.

Ok somewhere under all this should be what I ordered.....

Dafuq is that??? ExpandOs....whatever  where's my stuff...

Ok I don't mind that they like to make sure it gets there in one piece, considering it's gifts and not for me. But have you ever seen packaging like that?? I've seen inflatable bags, popcorn and bubble wrap used to cushion and fill in the gaps between box 1 & box 2. But what the hell are those triangle things?? Well whatever they are I'm saving them, and the ginormous box, to use when I pack up my stuff and move since they seem to work so well. I didn't include a picture of what I bought because I don't wanna ruin the surprise. So after Christmas I'll post pics of what all I splurged on for the ones I love and share what came in this ginormous box of weird packing stuff.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Always Something

So last week I brought up how I was waiting for some blood test results my doctor ordered. I'm usually cautiously optimistic when it comes to test results. Considering my recent track record with my back issues, I went in hoping it wouldn't be something serious. Time for a little "good news/you might want to followup on this news."

  • Liver - Good
  • Kidneys - Good
  • Iron levels - Good
  • Blood Sugar - Normal
  • Cholesterol levels - Envy level good (unexpected but thrilling nonetheless)
  • Vitamin D levels - Low....medication prescribed for that (one pill once a week for 3 months)
  • Calcium - Kinda low and need to start taking supplements
After all that my optimism levels skyrocketed. I can deal with taking one pill a week and some daily supplements. No biggie! Then I opened my big fat mouth and told her about my sleeping problems. You see I have an anxiety disorder that set in after my mom died. For years I thought I could deal with it on my own and without medication. I was wrong.

It's gotten to the point where I get somewhere between 2-5 hrs of sleep a night. As soon as my head hits the pillow my mind starts racing. I swear it's like there's a NASCAR race in my head. Hard as I try to tune it all out I just can't get my brain to shut up long enough for me to fall asleep. So I lay there and wait it out until I black out from exhaustion. Of course something usually wakes me up mid-sleep (thank you small bladder) and I have to start the process all over again. Extremely frustrating and exhausting.

I also brought up how it's hard for me to focus when I'm awake too. I'll start working on one thing and within a few minutes I've got 5 browser tabs open and I'm bouncing between things. Which sucks big time when I've got a project to do. Even worse when it's an assignment I don't want to do because it's like my brain is helping me procrastinate. So my doctor suggested I do some in depth talking with my new psychiatrist because she thinks I have Adult ADD.

Say what now?? Yup apparently that could be a reason why my brain feels like it's on random shuffle all the time. Also why I can't sleep. So she gave me something to help me sleep. Next week I have to figure out what my long term goals for therapy are, and you better believe this ADD issue will be HIGH on the list. It's the chicken & the egg approach. Did my anxiety issue cause the ADD or was the anxiety caused by the ADD was never diagnosed. Hmmm.....I'll keep you posted.

Friday, November 23, 2012

What I'm Thankful For Part 2

I knew I was forgetting to list something when I made my list (What I'm Thankful for Part 1) of what I'm thankful for. But what I forgot didn't pop up until later last night. So allow me to share them:

Separate Bathrooms
There's nothing more frustrating than being stuffed from a Thanksgiving feast and needed to spend some quality time in the bathroom. And if you have a house full of stuffed people, the line gets pretty long. Unless you have a second bathroom. OPTIONS ARE BEAUTIFUL! So I am very grateful when there's multiple bathrooms available to cut down on the waiting time. And the fact that they each have air freshener is an added bonus.

I've had some issues with sleeping for a while. After my accident I've dealt with some bouts of depression. They didn't last super long, but long enough to make me think maybe I need some therapy. Well before I sprawl on a couch and start crying my sister suggested I start taking something to help calm my brain down so I can sleep. If it worked for her it could work for me. My problem is that the minute my head hits the pillow I have five million thoughts racing like an Amtrak train through my head. Annoying, frustrating, aggravating and sleep depriving. Usually takes me about 1-2 hours to fall asleep, on my really bad nights 3 hours. I get even more pissed off when I finally fall asleep and then a half hour later I wake up for some reason and have to start all over again. But with the help of low dose Xanax I finally slept peacefully and didn't wake up feeling like a hot mess for once. Thank you modern medicine.

Courtesy of:

Online Shopping
There are two times a year I refuse to set foot into a store, Black Friday and Christmas Eve. Don't get me wrong those Black Friday deals are awesome. But those people are batshit crazy! Between the ones who camp outside for days to the ones who mob the stores like a zombie horde. It's just all types of ridiculousness. There's no order or rules it's every man for themselves. Those people with start brawls over a toy because they have lost their damn minds when it comes to a good deal. Me, I'll stay home in my pjs and wait for Cyber Monday and shop from the comfort of my home.

Look at that hot mess uh uh not going to jail for starting a UFC fight in the store

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful For

As I prepare to scarf down on a Thanksgiving feast of turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings I'm reminded that now is the time when people usually talk about what they're thankful for. It's one of those holiday traditions that's supposed to make us stop and think about how lucky we are. Because no matter how bad your day is there is always someone out there who has had a worst day. So with that in mind I'd like to reveal what I'm grateful for:

My Mom a.k.a. Marmie

Yes it's said the way it's spelled, unlike my full first name (grrrr). That's what I called her when I couldn't fully say mommy. My mom is without a doubt my hero because even as she was dying her one thought was about taking care of her baby girl. That right there is unconditional love. Constantly willing to protect your baby, even though she's a grown adult, and putting yourself second to that. One of the many lessons she taught me was this "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." No matter what life tries to knock me down with, there's so much fight in me that I refuse to stay down.

The Military
I've mentioned before how both my grandfather and boyfriend were in the Navy. I also have friends who were in the Army and Marines, so I'm surrounded by soldiers. I have and will always have a deep, deep respect for anyone that laces up their boots to protect this country. It takes a lot of unselfish self-sacrifice to be able to say you will do what's necessary to make sure the enemy doesn't cross the line.

Thanksgiving Preparations
It's always been interesting to me to watch what all goes into getting Thanksgiving dinner ready. When I was little I would hang around waiting to taste test stuff. Now it's all about the inappropriate humor in the whole process. There is nothing as funny as watching someone go elbow deep into a turkey. Thankfully my coffee cup was empty or else it would've ended up being spilled all over the floor. But my sides were hurting, and the innuendos were flying as my best friend manhandled the turkey.  I'm pretty sure if he could he'd be filing assault charges on her.

Footie PJs
I hate putting my feet on a cold floor unless it's summertime. It's also irritating when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee and you can't find socks or slippers. So I am very thankful for footed pajama bottoms that I can slip on and use to keep my feet warm while I shuffle to the potty.

Time off from school
If I wasn't already done with finals, I got two A's by the way, I would be looking forward to this little bit of downtime even more. Don't get me wrong there are times I love being busy. But sometimes a girl needs a break and a chance to get her head to stop swimming.

Holiday dinners are one of those occasions where I just don't see the need to get dressed up. I'm hanging around with my family (my best friends who are basically family to me) so there's no need to get all dolled up. Besides, how am I supposed to get my eat on when my pants are too tight. Sweatpants it is! Need room for pie! Speaking of my family....

My Family
The people I call my family aren't related to me by blood. They're my best friends. My boyfriend, sister, brother, niece. They're the people who've always been there when I needed a shoulder, guidance, support, encouragement. They're the ones who understand me and love me flaws and all. They're my real family and I'm very thankful for them.

Skip Bayless and Steven A. Smith from ESPN First Take
I'm not a big fan of parades anymore, don't know why so don't ask. So it's nice to have something on in the background that interests me and makes me chuckle at the same time. Yes I am that girl that has fantasy football apps, ESPN apps and sports pages bookmarked. I'd rather watch ESPN than morning talk shows.

My Readers
Last but not least I'm thankful for those of you who take the time to read what I've written. It makes me feel good to know that my words aren't falling on deaf ears. Maybe I inspire debate, maybe I make you chuckle when you've had a bad day. Whatever I do for you I'm glad. And I'm THANKFUL you keep coming back.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Blood...They Took Mah Blood!!

AHHHH I've been attacked by Vampires!!!! THEY TOOK MY BLOOD!! 4 vials of my precious, precious blood :-(

Of course as we speak my body is already making more to replace what they stole from me yesterday. Guess I can't say they stole it if I willingly sat there, didn't start a kung fu showdown and run screaming from the building. They did take other stuff from me too. My pee! This is how it all started......

Last week when I went to see my new primary doctor I mentioned to her how someone told me there's a possibility I'm anemic. See I went to give blood and I couldn't because my iron count was too low. So once I said that she ordered a bunch of tests to be run and said I needed to get blood drawn. Now I'm not a big fan of needles, I'm the person who turns their head when the needle goes in. But I don't have a problem turning around and looking once the needle is in.

When I got to Quest Diagnostics I was all prepared to get my blood drawn. Mind you I was a bit cranky because I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight (what am I a Gremlin). So I'm sitting in the waiting room staring at a water cooler and wondering what the hell is taking so long. Apparently it doesn't matter when your appointment time is since they have a 15 minute grace period to take you back. 20 minutes after my scheduled time I was taken back. Sat down and as I was rolling up my sleeves she said they'd need a urine sample too. Ummmm nobody told me you needed that, but whatever. I was concerned whether I'd have enough in the tank since I hadn't drank anything for hours. Magically I had just enough. Now I have to wait until next Tuesday to find out the results of my lab work. Fingers crossed she doesn't tell me something's wrong because I'm not up for adding another issue to my full plate of crap. I'll keep you updated when I get my results.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Down Time!!

So I brought up how ridiculously crammed my schedule has been lately thanks to some super poor planning on my part. What can I say the lure of free classes from some of the top universities in the world was super tempting and I lost my head. Well I cut out some of them and restructured things so I think I have a better balance now. Somehow I managed to get my final projects done for Kaplan and once I take my test on Wednesday (whoever came up for that spelling should've been slapped seriously wed-nes-day whatever!) I will officially be done with this semester!! Looks like two more A's for me yay :-)

I'm also looking at changing schools when I get my bachelors degree next October. The programs I've seen offered at other online schools are really better than the one offered at mine. And the offer classes that will help me develop into a better psychologist or licensed counselor. So now I just have to figure out which one I want to go to.

Now for my readers from the US we all know that this Thursday is a big day. Thanksgiving! Now the meaning behind Thanksgiving I've come to learn is pretty pretty false. But in the past it's come to mean more about being with the ones I love, rather than the story we're told in history class. Plus the food is soooo good!! I can't wait to dive into some turkey and stuffing! Of course there's nothing better than cold turkey sandwiches the next day and reheated stuffing. I'll be wearing sweatpants and a loose shirt so I can get my fill.

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: My belt is already unbuckled.

In other a couple weeks we'll be holding a big fundraiser for Jason that little boy I've talked about on here (Jason Heckman). We're getting some great things donated for our Chinese auction from some really great organizations. Now I won't spoil the surprise just yet. You have to wait until after Dec 8th before I roll out the thank you list and reveal who all helped us with this. Let me just say besides the donations, the love and support and well wishes and cards people from all over have sent it has warmed our hearts. Really helps restore your faith in humanity.

Friday, November 16, 2012

More Than I Can Chew

Well looks like I finally bit off more than I could chew. See, my original goal when I started this blog was to at least be on here once a day Monday to Friday with a weekend post every once in a while. Well....that hasn't been happening lately because I have way too much going on at one time. Part of it is my fault for trying to fill in the downtime with other things. Like extra classes through, taking on a position in the executive board for one of my groups, fantasy football, and sleep. The extra classes seemed too good to pass up. Certificates for course taught by professors from colleges I've always dreamed of attending. Free classes by the way. But overlapping those classes around my already full class schedule at Kaplan University is becoming a bit much.

Especially when you add in my non computer related obligations. Doctor's appointments, helping out with a fundraiser, spending time with people I care about, sleeping, eating. Something is going to have to give soon, and it looks like first off the chopping block is some of those free classes. Not like I really have to take those anyway. That should free up more of my trapped time.

Also been trying to do some reading for pleasure when I'm not working on things. Which is nice. But I end up staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning because I'm sucked into a book. When you have an anxiety disorder sleep is hard to come by, so staying up isn't helping much. On the bright side I'm making steps to address that so I can worry less about being able to sleep, and actually sleeping. I did have a pretty productive week regardless of how little sleep I've gotten. Went to see my new primary doctor, she's great and for the first time in who knows how long I saw a doctor at my scheduled appointment time. Next couple of weeks I'll be bouncing between doctors and trying to get things done. Getting blood work done to check my iron level, blood sugar, kidneys, liver and something else I think. Appointment with pain management doctor about getting an epidural for my back pain, 50/50 shot of it working. Followup appointments, rinse and repeat.

First on the agenda though.....finishing up final projects.....then I'm having a lazy day.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Moments of Happiness

If you're anything like me sometimes you get so caught up in doing other things that you forget about yourself completely. Especially with the holidays being thrown in your face. Ahem, you're on notice Target!! Doesn't help that commercials about holiday sales are creeping in earlier and earlier than they used to. I mean some places aren't even waiting until Halloween is over before they start cramming Christmas down your throat. Yeah I'm talking about you Walmart with four aisles of Halloween right next to two aisles of Christmas stuff!!

It's insane because your mind starts going over all the things you need to get for other people. Halloween costumes, makeup, candy, party goods and whatnot. Then BOOM you see Black Friday previews and Christmas ads and the wheels start spinning. I need to get this, so & so needs that, blah blah would love one of these. And at some point when New Year's is over  you sit and think about what you would've liked to get but is now currently out of stock because of holiday madness and last minute store mauling by people who wait until the last minute to shop.

Every once in a while I like doing something for me to remind myself hey me I love me and you deserve something. Little moments of happiness for yourself is what I like to call them. It's never anything big like a trip somewhere. And nothing ridiculously expensive like that $1,000 pair of super awesome boots I saw that I would never buy but would love to have in my alternate dream world where I'm a millionaire. So this past weekend I did a little me shopping. Now sometimes "me shopping" ends up being mostly things I need but keep forgetting to get and maybe one or two things I've been dying to get my hands on.

So we went to Walmart and I got some things I needed: razors, woman supplies, deodorant. A couple things I've wanted to pick up: the new Tinkerbell movie and Magic Mike (really why are you surprised by this combo you know how random I am). And then on our way to checkout......I saw it!! I can't remember how many weeks ago I saw the ads about the anniversary edition coming out, but from the minute I saw them I said I need to add that to my DVD collection. Well I managed to find something one step better than just getting the anniversary DVD.


Let me explain why this is a big deal. My very first movie EVER was E.T. Mind you I was only 5 months old when this movie came out. So I don't actually remember the first time I saw it. But my mom told me that this was my first movie. Imagine how far my jaw dropped when I saw that! Way better than a DVD. Now I've got my own mini-E.T.!!! Of course he is staying in the box to prevent him from getting lost or dusty. Because so help me if he disappears there will be hell to pay!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day 2012

Photo courtesy of

I would like to take a minute and thank every brave man or woman who laced up their boots to protect the United States. For 237 years the Navy, Army and Marine Corps (65 yrs for that little whippersnapper we call the Air Force) have fought to keep this country safe from enemies foreign and domestic. I've always been a proud supporter of the Armed Forces because my grandfather served in the Navy during WWII. My boyfriend also was in the Navy during the Gulf War.

It's funny but looking back on the past 30, soon to be 31 years, I've been alive it's funny to see the people I gravitate towards. Except for a small chunk of my life between 1990 to 1995/1996, I've always known someone in uniform. Soldier, police officer, firefighter. I enjoy their company and I look up to them for the bravery they show that I don't think I have when it comes to what their job entails. But I love them just the same, I've either been friends with them or dated them. What can I say I have a weakness for men in uniform.

Anyways, this Veterans Day reminds me of certain things I get a bit defensive about. Anyone who dogs the military and candy corn. I know, I know what you're thinking "how in the hell are those two things in the same sentence???" Weelll, I told ya my mind is pretty random. Moving those Westboro Baptist people. Dafuq is wrong with those people?! You're gonna protest the funerals of people who had the brass ones to put their lives on the line for a country full of people they don't know! HOW DARE YOU! You can disagree with war all you want to but it's a necessary evil. You don't have to agree with what the military does but you should damn well respect it. Nobody asked these soldiers to join up and sacrifice themselves for us. Nobody forced them to leave their loved ones behind and miss birthdays, holidays, first steps, first words and the comfort of their own home to fight and die for us. They weren't drafted, they enlisted. So as you can see I go off on people who disrespect the military. Just like with anything else they have their bad apples, I'm not saying all soldiers are perfect. But as least respect the fact they've chosen to do what you and I will not do.

Now.....on to candy corn. EWWW! There's certain things I haven't liked since I was a kid. Mustard and candy corn. Now there's an exception to mustard, I do like honey mustard. But I don't like regular mustard because of the smell. Candy corn is different though. The smell doesn't bother me, it's the feel and taste of it. For some odd reason I can't stand the stuff. That and Peeps. But Peeps I did to myself because I ate too many of them, just like with strawberry ice cream, used to love it now I can't stand it. So whenever someone goes on and on about candy corn I usually point out how I don't like it and I never have. Some people just leave it at that, other people want to fight me on the subject.

Person: "Here just try a piece you might like it now."
Me: "No no I won't like it trust me I tried a piece a while back and I still don't like it."
Person: "Yeah but they keep improving things. Try it you'll like it."
Me: "Umm no candy corn still tastes the way it did when I was little. So no I won't like it."
Person: "Just try it."
Me: "No I'm not drinking the Kool-aid. I don't want any damn candy corn."

So this Veterans Day take time to honor those who fought for your freedoms. Like choosing not to eat candy corn!

Funny Veterans Day Ecard: Thanks for serving our country so I can sit home and watch war movies.

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Precious

Between catching up on everything I was behind on in school thanks to Sandy, I've been pretty busy lately. I had these great posts all lined up for this week and I was ready to start publishing them when my laptop decided it was too sick to go on. I had this Dell Latitude, originally pink, that I've had problems from since the day I bought it. Now I love eBay, but there are some things you don't get on eBay. Like used laptops. Why? Because you have no clue what the previous owner did to it. And they're not going to tell you the whole truth, like "hey I rebuilt this and it didn't go as planned so I'm selling it have fun" or in my case "there's a virus I can't get rid of and your hard drive is only going to last you 1 more year."

The first year I didn't have any major issues with it and I was happy, until I cracked the screen. Laptop was on the floor and in my half-awake fog I flopped my leg off the sofa and put my foot on the floor. Couldn't figure out why the floor felt uneven until I sat up and heard a CRACCKK after I put the full force of my weight onto my laptop and cracked the screen. One new screen later I was back to being happy, until the fancy new operating system died on me. Apparently the guy who fixed my screen put an illegal version of Windows 7 on there and when I went to install updates it went away. 

After a while I finally got that taken care of when my laptop started acting funny. Turns out they finally found the virus that wiped out my wireless network. They also said I needed a new hard drive, they installed a good version of Windows XP, oh and they had to take what few good parts I had left in my pretty pink laptop and switch them over to a new gray one. Unhappy about the color change, happy about having a functioning laptop. Well, until I dropped it again. See what had happened was I had my laptop bag on my shoulder and my hands were full of grocery bags. Well when I went to put the bags down, because I was losing feeling in my fingers, my laptop bag slipped off my shoulder and I heard it tap the floor. Nothing too bad, no broken screen, just the colors were off. 

Took it to a different repair shop and they fixed my screen for $50. All was wonderful until my hard drive crashed a few months ago. I was able to restore it and get away with minimal loss. Figured I could hold off on getting a new laptop until Christmas. My boyfriend said he'd get me one for Christmas and I figured as long as it didn't crash again I could wait. Weelll, it crashed again on me Monday night. Wednesday I went to Best Buy and after a lot of discussion I left (well I came back the next day to pick it up after they installed stuff) with an HP ENVY m6 that I call My Precious. It is AAWWEESOOMMMMMEEE!!!!! Windows 8, nice and light, backlit keyboard, Beats audio and HD video. And this has "Holy Crap" insurance that covers anything that could possibly happen to it. I love my precious :-) Now I can spend the weekend working on getting some posts lined up for next week, I promise I won't leave you all stranded again.
My Precious

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting Back to Normal

Now that Hurricane Sandy is done and over with we can work on getting our lives back to normal. And my what a mega-bitch she turned out to be. I'll be the first to admit I seriously underestimated how bad this storm was going to be until I saw the photos from areas that have been devastated by Sandy. Towns have been crippled by widespread power outages. Homes destroyed by the heavy rains and winds. Beach attractions stripped away from their homes along the shore.

Picture of Trump Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Casinos in Atlantic City closed due to the Hurricane photo courtesy of National Geographic

Flood damage to Seaside Heights, NJ photo courtesy of Anderson Cooper 360 
Some of us have been lucky thanks to being on different electrical grids. While my boyfriend temporarily lost power for a couple days, thankfully our friends still had power. But other people weren't so lucky. At last count I believe 45 people have died thanks to this hurricane. What a monster we've had to face right before Halloween. No horror monster could possibly bring up the same level of fear that Hurricane Sandy did.

Seaside Heights Amusement Park Seaside Heights, NJ photo courtesy of ABC News
Roller coaster from Seaside Heights Amusement Park Seaside Heights, NJ photo courtesy of LA Times

Of course the kids didn't mind it much because they were out of school for a couple days. Their biggest concern was being able to trick or treat. Depending on where on the East Coast you live Halloween was either last night, this weekend or next Monday. Not sure if the school I go to to vote has lost power. Hopefully if they did that will be restored in time for next Tuesday. Every vote counts! On a brighter note I did get to see one very special webslinger last night. Because of Jason's illness I wasn't sure he'd get to trick or treat for the first time. But he got dressed up and made an appearance last night. From what I heard he had a great time trick or treating with his brother and sister. Cutest. Spiderman. EVA! For more on Jason's story (I Need Your Help)

Photo: Happy Halloween from Jason Heckman :D
Jason Heckman a.k.a. Spiderman