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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Just when you thought Mother Nature was starting to act normally she makes a U-turn and speeds off down a dirt road into Random Town. I have to say I enjoyed last winter. It wasn't too bad, no blizzards and it didn't feel like I lived at the South Pole everyday. Which was nice. Winter is usually that time of year I get jealous of people who live in the South and I start dreaming about having a winter Bali or Bora Bora. Now after that mild winter we had this summer was a monster. It was ridiculously hot at random hours of the day! Add in humidity and it made me not want to leave the house. Made me appreciate my super dark curtains because there were some days I wasn't fit to be in public. Course that didn't stop any of the gutter skanks I saw stumbling around wearing outfits a hooker would be embarrassed to be seen in.

Which brings me to why I'm glad it's fall! I mentioned in a previous post that I love fall because it's jeans and boots weather. Well, that and the fact that now people are going to be wearing more clothes. I'm all about self expression and showing off your own personal style. But you know what it's the little things that get to me. Like seeing the crack of your ass when you sit down, and then seeing the crack of your ass when you stand up because your skirt looks more like a belt. EWWW NASTY! Or those females who refuse to close their legs when they wear skirts. You know what in hindsight I'm happy they at least put some panties on before they left the house. Again...EWWW NASTY! And of course, women who refuse to wear clothing that's their size. I don't care how big or how tiny you are ladies, feel free to flaunt your curves. IN A RESPECTABLE MANNER! My mom always told me don't show everything just show a little peek. I mean a little cleavage is fine, but don't make me look through my purse to see if I have stickers to cover your eventual nip slip. I will freely admit I'm not perfect, never going to be perfect and don't want to be perfect. I haven't had six pack abs since high school and that was 13 yrs ago. So you won't catch me running around in a midriff showing off my muffin top. It's not cute, and it's definitely not sexy. Oh yeah....and another thing. I'm tired of seeing men running around topless in the summer. Some of you are nice to look at I'll give you that much. But dammit it's not fair to us ladies who would like nothing better than to strip down because it's too hot. But nooooo they have these stupid public indecency laws and people get offended and someone ends up in jail and it all goes downhill fast.

Fall means less chance of running into funky people. I don't mean James Brown or Parliament Funkadelic kind of funky. I mean "damn what crawled up in you and died?!" kind of funky. More clothes means less body odor wafting around in the air. Bring on the fall weather!!!!!


  1. Wore my hoodie and boots yesterday. Today is suppose to be mid 70's. Had to break the capris out again. :) I love FALL!

    1. Yeah I try to keep my boots handy because this weather has been so back and forth. Sunny and a little warm during the day and chilly at night.


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