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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I Play Fantasy Football

There's a big difference between how boys are raised on football and how girls are raised on football. Boys know stats, which college so&so went to. It's like this encyclopedic knowledge of things you probably can't even use on Jeopardy. Girls, on the other hand, we get a crash course in the basics. I understand rules, positions, logic behind certain things. But I can't tell you who went where, and I don't remember how many rushing yards such&such guy had five years ago. I know enough to debate. I know my favorite players, the guys on my team, names of notable guys on other teams.

That being said I always get the same look whenever I mention I play fantasy football. "You play fantasy football? Ohhh okay." Yes I bring it! Always amazes me how people still seem surprised that a woman would do that. I'm not the only one, there's plenty of ladies out there showing off their skills. Now I do get pissy when someone drafts my guy that I've had my sights set on. It rubs me raw when I sit there with my list and BOOM he's gone. Some people play for money or other prizes. I play for bragging rights. My first year I finished 7th. Not too shabby for  a newbie. This year I'm hoping to do better, course now I'm in 4 different leagues so we'll see what happens. Think I'll do well in 3 out of 4. Ooo that reminds me I need to check my lineups and make some adjustments thanks to injuries. I made a point to make sure people understood one thing about me a long time ago back when I spent the majority of my time sparring guys who were over 6 feet tall in karate class. Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I won't take you down.


  1. I'd rather play fantasy football than just watch a game. At least Fantasy Football is interactive!! You go girl!

    1. Definitely makes watching the game more interesting sometimes if it's not a team I care about.


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