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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm Sexy and I Know It Wooo

So now that the high temps around here are barely breaking through the 60's, it's time to start pulling out the fall/winter arsenal. As I've said before (Crisp Air) I'm a huge fan of boots. So it's time to start wearing the boots boyfriend got me last Christmas.

Mah sexy boots with da fur

At first I thought "okay they're cute, but they're brown." Normally I don't do brown shoes, I always buy black shoes and boots because they go with everything. But I thought it was sweet that he picked out a pair that were cute and not goofy looking. Cause the thought of a guy buying me shoes or boots has always terrified me. If he gets the wrong size all you have to do is go back with the receipt and swap them out for the right size. But if they're downright ugly, then you have to make that "oh gee thanks, ummm they're interesting" face. Thankfully I didn't have to do that when I pulled these out of the box cause they're adorable. Course every time I put them on I hear Flo Rida in my head "boots with the fur" yeeaahhh. Rather have Flo Rida in my head than Nicki Minaj, but that's a whole nother post I won't get into here.

Now the way my head works is that once I start pulling out long sleeved shirts, sweaters and boots then it's time to switch pjs. In my world it's pronounced "pa-jays", yeah I like saying random words differently it's part of my charm. Anywho, out go the tank top and shorts pa-jays and in come the footies! Oh hells yeah!

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me.....

I found these at a thrift store like 3 years ago I think. Second best thrift store purchase besides my super awesome hooded calf length winter coat (originally marked as $100, bought it for $30). If you've never been in a thrift store then you are missing out! I know what you're thinking, eeww used clothes. But you gotta have limits. I won't buy intimate stuff like bras, panties or bow-chicka-wow-wow type stuff from there because ewww. BUT I'm all about looking through the coats, purses, luggage, books, name brand jeans that are $100+ in the store for $5-$10. Yeah I love a sale, and if I can get great stuff for a ridiculously good price like that oh it's coming home with me pronto. Dammit I got off track! Back to the pa-jays! So I was wandering through the aisles, just got done looking at coats (think it was the same day I got that winter coat), and then I saw them. *Heavens open, angels sing* ADULT SIZED FOOTIE PJS IN A 2 PIECE!!!! SCORE!!! Didn't even bother to see how much they were I just grabbed them and half-walked, half-sprinted to the register before anyone noticed I had them. And I love the fact that they're pink (mah favorite color). So right now I'm going to sit here in mah footie pa-jays, sip some coffee and work on homework. Jealous :-)


  1. I so have footie pajamas. Absolutely love them ;) Cute boots too!

    1. I love them don't have to worry about dirtying a pair of socks, just slip them on and go. Those boots are so comfy I love them!


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