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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The most heartbreaking thing in the world is a sick child. You look at these little bundles of love and your heart just aches for them. They don't understand what's wrong. All they know is that something's wrong. For some children it's a quick stay, others might have to stay a little longer but they eventually go home. Unfortunately for other children they aren't that lucky and their families are robbed of their beautiful souls. Now I hate going into hospitals ever since my mom died, unless I really really really have to. So going into a children's hospital is harder. But I do it because at that moment it's not about me. Me not visiting is selfish because it's about THEM. It's about giving support to that child and their family. That being said I need to share something that's going on in my world right now.

My niece's best friend, her little brother has been diagnosed with stage 4 blastoma that has spread between his head to his toes. This little guy is only 3 years old. Right now he could use all the positive vibes in the world to help him during his fight. So I'm asking....dammit I'm begging each and every single one of you to help! Take the time to send out a good thought, or prayers for this little boy. If you have children could you get them to make a get well card for him so we can cover his hospital room with love and hope. Right now he is scared and frustrated because he doesn't get to spend everyday with his brother and sister at home. He's in a strange place with strangers constantly coming in and attending to him. Please do what you can to help him. His name is Jason Heckman and if you'd like to send a card to him email me at From the bottom of my heart thank you for anything you do to help this boy.

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