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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halfway to the Beginning

Another weekend has come and gone. Makes me stop and look at my schedule and all the randomness around me. Back in the day, say my teenage years, I was able to stay up until all hours. Sleep a little bit then get back up and go about my day. These days if I wake up a half hour early I'm cranky. Course these days for some odd reason I end up waking up a couple minutes before my alarm goes off and I just lay there glaring at it until it beeps in my face. Only reason I haven't thrown my alarm clock across the room yet is because it's my phone. One of the many reasons why I got my smartphone was because of the bazillion things I can do with it. Alarm clock being one of them. It's an everyday battle between the desire to throw it against the wall, or smothering it with a pillow.

Right now I'm trying to write this post in between commercial breaks while I watch The Walking Dead. For some reason three of my favorite shows come on at the same time. Sunday 9pm EST. I usually end up DVRing Revenge so I can watch Boardwalk Empire, then at 10pm a second airing of The Walking Dead. Sunday nights are my downtime nights. I put my pjs on, grab a snack, get comfy under my blanket and forget about the homework I have left to do. Last semester I had more free time on my hands because I was able to work ahead on a lot of projects. Not this semester. Seems like I'm constantly working on something. Couple more days and I'll hit the halfway point for this semester. Usually I'm a little bummed, but not this semester. It's been pretty rough.

It's not like I had more work this semester, it's been the opposite actually. Think I wrote 15 papers last semester. This time around there's somewhere between 8-10 I don't remember right now cause my brain feels a little smushy. Less on my plate but it's just been one thing after another. I've reached my breaking point with the endless pain in my back, so now it takes A LOT for me to stay in a somewhat positive mood. I use my homework to distract me from thinking about my back. But then with everything going on with Jason, now I'm unfocused. I really don't have a lot of room to complain though. Considering what Jason and his family are going through right now, life is sunshine and roses for me. Click here for more about Jason Heckman. If you'd like to help in any way email me. We've had a good response so far. Some people donated money, others cooked meals and sent them to the family, many have prayed or sent a positive thought out into the heavens, and others have made cards. The sweetest thing I've seen so far are the cards other children have made for Jason. It brought tears to my eyes seeing how much love still exists in this world. Helps restore my faith in humanity.

So even though I'm reaching the halfway point in my world. Jason's battle is still in the beginning stages. Which means our fight to help him and his family is nowhere near the end. We've had a good turnout, but we can always use more. There are organizations, like Susan G. Kommen, that bring a lot of awareness to certain types of cancer. But then people forget about all the other forms of cancer out there. We must never forget. No child should ever have to battle cancer. But unfortunately sometimes they do. And until there's a cure, we'll keep fighting. We'll keep raising awareness for all the little ones who don't get to play. Keep raising awareness for the little ones who have lost their smile. Keep raising awareness for the little ones who aren't strong enough to run through the grass and feel the sunshine on their face. Fight for all of the little ones who aren't with us today so their sacrifice will never be in vain.


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