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Friday, October 12, 2012

Bullying & Self-Harm

This generation scares me more and more everyday. When I was a teenager we didn't have webcams and social media. I don't think I had an email address until my sophomore or junior year. But now there's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, many platforms for children and teens to share themselves with the world. This ends up being a double edged sword. Even though it gives kids an outlet and a way to connect with their friends and family, it also give pedophiles and bullies a way to misuse their information. Now I don't understand why kids need to have webcams in the first place. Because no matter how sweet and innocent your child is, it doesn't take much for someone to talk them into showing their naughty bits. It doesn't take much for someone to get them to talk dirty online, and show them ways to find porn online. People need to stop acting like kids are stupid and wouldn't do these things. They do it all the time.

Cyber-bullying is becoming an epidemic. Kids pretend to be nice to someone until they get them to do what they want. Once that's accomplished they can find so many ways to embarrass and degrade them. Kids don't have to be face to face to bully anymore. Now they have email, instant messaging, tweets that they can use to make someone feel like they're the worst person in the world. I came across this story and wanted to share it because I think it's important for parents, friends and family to step up and educate children and teens about the right and wrong ways to use the internet.


  1. Thanks Brenda! Just keep hoping someone somewhere gets something out of this.


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