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Thursday, September 27, 2012

To-Screw-You List

I was adding something to my To-Do list when a thought randomly bitch slapped me in the face. When the hell was the last time my To-Do list was To-Done?? I'm a somewhat reformed procrastinator so I figured a while back, that if I made a hierarchy for my To-Do lists then I would be more structured get more stuff done. Yadda yadda that is a bunch of crap. This hierarchy plan is just as bad as procrastinating.

Here's how it works in my head: #1. School, #2. Everything Else.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time. I'll focus on getting projects done and turned in on time. And somehow everything else will just fall into place. I wish I could blame that on being in a seriously altered medication and Jack Daniels fog, but I was stone sober when I thought that one up. See the big problem is there's really no structure to it. Okay so school stuff gets done first, or I'll at least attempt to get school stuff done first. Unless I have a doctor's appointment, or I don't feel well, or I promised someone I'd do something at a certain time in a designated area. So things are constantly getting shuffled around on that list. And it's not like the classes are boring it just seems like there's always something in my way.

Monday I was pretty organized. Got more discussion posts in, finished my one reading and worked on rolling out Bionic Dee 2.0. Tuesday, little organized. Got my final discussion posts in, finished my second reading and started looking at my upcoming assignments, then put some final tweaks on this blog. Wednesday (I know I'm not the only one who says wed-nes-day when they're typing out Wednesday to make sure they spelled it right), all over the place. Got distracted because of a career fair my school was hosting so I spent all day with that and playing around with stuff on here. Didn't get a single thing done as far as early prep on my assignments for this week. So today will be catch up day. Figuring out what research I need to do for my project, starting my readings and seeing if I can get my initial discussion posts in (those might be pushed back to Friday when I normally do them). I spend all weekend juggling homework and working on projects. By the time Sunday rolls around I'm already running through the stuff that needs to be done for the upcoming week. Oh the cycle never ends does it. Debating whether I want to be nice to myself and watch a movie before bed or get cozy with a reading assignment.

Side note: Just found out I can highlight things in Adobe PDF files. WOOO! I'm still not a huge fan of e-books (which my school loves to use), so this was one of my last holdout reasons for not liking them. Sucks it's a yellow highlight and not the pink one I love using for physical books. Oh well. 

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