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Thursday, September 13, 2012


I was about to get in the elevator when this boy, couldn't have been more than 15, pushed past me and got in ahead of me. The only reason he had room to get by me was because the man standing in front of the elevator moved back so I could go in. I went from thankful smile to pissed off wrinkly forehead and clenched jaw. The man by the elevator just shook his head "What happened to having respect?"

You know what, that's a damn good question. Girls talk about anything and everything in public. From baby daddy issues to who gave them an STD to what shoes they want to buy. Guys having conversations where every other word is a curse word. I know it's a versatile word but come on, you mean to tell me you can't go five seconds without dropping the F-bomb?! It's not just teens, it's supposedly "grown ass adults" who don't seem to know how to respect themselves let alone anyone else.

I blame their parents. I was 18 before I cursed in front of my mom. And I still ducked when I said it. There's a time and a place for everything. But I'm not surprised since people these days are more concerned with picking apart a celebrity's life than improving their own. When people think there's nothing wrong with being 16 & Pregnant there's no such thing as class, decency or respect.


  1. This is a fabulous post gf! I absolutely agree! I started seeing a downfall about 10 years ago and it has progressively gotten worse. Kids have no respect for adults, let alone their very own parents. I remember fearing my father. If I stepped out of line, I knew I was getting cracked. Kids aren't getting spanked anymore (due to society saying it's "unjust") so they are going wild. I swear if I had a child, I'd probably be locked up because I would spank their bootays when needed and they would definitely RESPECT their elders!

    Again, great post. I've shared to Twitter and Facebook! :)

  2. Thank you! Yeah I used to be terrified of my mom finding out I did something wrong. Now you have 8 yr olds cursing out their parents and walking around dressed like prostitutes. I regret leaving my house at least once a day because of the things I see and what I hear coming out of people's mouths. These are the same parents who wonder why their child ends up having 4 or 5 kids before they're 21, or bouncing in and out of jail. I get not wanting parents to beat their kids out of anger. But if my kid acts up I'm popping them just like I got if I acted up. Thanks for sharing me I'll be sure to return the favor! xoxoxo

  3. This is awesome. I am amazed at how disrespectful people are and futhermore how clueless they are about how disrespect they are to themselves. I have not lived in the states for a minute but I see some of the shows that are advertised and I can not believe that it considered entertainment. And when I see young girs half dressed, boys with the crouch of their pants dragging on the floor, and men - grown men making cattle calls at women it is a lot to take in. It feels like our society is just falling apart before my eyes and there is nothing that anyone can do because they people who don't care outweigh those who do.

  4. It's sad it really is sad that people think acting like that is cute. They always get mad when someone doesn't respect them and they act like the world is out to get them. Well if you're disrespectful why should anyone respect you. I love how guys think there's nothing wrong with sagging their pants down to their ankles, meanwhile they have no clue that all started in prison as a way for prisoners to show they're willing to be someone's sex toy basically. People don't even think it's bad to go to prison anymore they act like it's some badge of honor. The only thing we can do is raise our children to not be like them and stay away from people like that. Clearly their parents don't care or know enough to teach them any differently.

  5. Girl, you are so right! There is no respect and better yet, no SELF respect! People don't care and parents just aren't instilling that respect for others or that self respect for themselves in children. It's really a sad state of affairs!
    You should be a guest contributor for me!

  6. I just can't help shaking my head at these people cause it's pitiful. First ones to complain about it being too hard when they don't make an effort. They sit there and look up to people who have no business being thought of as role models. Sure I'd love it, email me what you're looking for

  7. LOL nevermind I found the info on your site. I'll get something written up for you soon.


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