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Monday, September 24, 2012

Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some footbaaallll! I've had the theme song for Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football stuck in my head since I was little. Have I mentioned before that I'm a sports addict. Yeah addict is putting it nicely. I have apparel for every team I root for, except rugby because I'm still undecided on that one. I get text alerts sent through ESPN, got the ESPN app high on my go to list on my phone, ESPN and every team's website is bookmarked on my toolbar. So yeah I like sports a little, LOL.

My favorite has always, and will always be football. That's the first sport my mom and I bonded over. Being raised in Texas she was a Cowboys fan. As mommy's little girl I wanted to follow in her footsteps. But since I'm from Philly it wouldn't be a good idea for me to be a Cowboys fan, people get pretty heated over that rivalry. So I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. WOO! I do have hometown loyalties to the Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies though.

I've never been afraid to voice my opinion when guys have a sports debate in my presence. Usually I get a confused look because there are lots of guys who assume that women know nothing about sports and I'm just rooting for my man's team. Not the case. I have no problem talking smack on sports I follow. So last year one of my friends got me to join his fantasy football league because I said something about being interested in trying it out. I didn't do too bad for my first year, think I finished 7 out of 10. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Of course when the time came this year I scoured Yahoo, ESPN and for leagues to join. Because of all the downtime I have thanks to my back injury I ended up in four different leagues. Mostly because people weren't active so I kept trying to find leagues where people were active. There's nothing more irritating than people who auto-draft. I understand if you have to work or something comes up. But with all the options out there you can find a league that fits your schedule. Whatever. Now the first thing I check on Mondays are the current match-ups to see how I'm doing. I don't do it for monetary prizes, I do it for bragging rights. Right now I'm winning 3 out of 4, hopefully I get a great game and the points I need to make it 4 out of 4 after tonight's game. We shall see


  1. You go girl! I love NFL and my New Orleans Saints! Who Dat! However, I do love my some New York Yankees baseball too! :) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  2. I was with you until you said Yankees LOL. This has been a weird season so far, but it doesn't help these replacement refs missing calls and making bad ones. Hope the real refs come back ASAP. Never thought I'd miss them.

  3. haha I'm used to that. Ya either love the Yankees or hate em. :) Yeah, there's some really messed up crap going on in these games but not just the refs. The players are acting very aggressive imo. Did you see that dudes ear after he got whacked? Dang!

  4. Arrghh it won't let me reply LOL. No I missed that one. Saw the story about it that's just nasty. Doesn't help they keep changing the rules about what's allowed and what's not allowed. These guys are taught one way and then they get to the NFL and they change the rules so it's confusing. Definitely shouldn't lead with the helmet though because that can lead to more concussions.


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