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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crisp Air

It's funny how some people assume that whatever season you were born in is your favorite. I'm a winter baby, and I don't know many winter babies that are too fond of that season. Me I'm all spring and fall. Spring is just warm enough to wear t-shirts and enjoy the feel of the sunshine on your face. Fall is still a bit warm but just cold enough for hoodies and sweatshirts minus a jacket on top. Now this is one of my favorite sweatshirts.

Besides the fact that it says NAVY, it's also super comfy. Fall also means I can wear boots. YAYYY!!! I love love love a good pair of boots. My preferred footwear. I have a pair I bought a couple years ago that I need to have fixed, issue with the zipper. Knee high black boots, jeans and a hooded sweater. That's my kind of outfit right there! What's your favorite season or go-to outfit?


  1. I LOVE hoodie and boot weather! I can't wait! It's creeping up on us fast! I was born the beginning of August. Dead hottest month, however, I despise summer. I'm more a fall and spring baby. I do love winter and snow but to just be bitter cold, nah, I'll past. :)

  2. LOL oddly enough July was much worse than August this year, but yeah I know what you mean. I like watching the snow but I hate shoveling. Every time it snows I have my fingers crossed and whisper "please don't stick, please don't stick!"

  3. I used to dislike Fall, but now I LOVE it. I guess that means I do like the season that I was born in ;)

  4. I know when I was younger I didn't like fall because it meant summer vacation was over. Now I love it. Yeah you do have a good season.


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