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Friday, September 28, 2012

Bugs Are Just Ignorant

I hate bugs. Always have, always will. But I hate them more when they do rude, ignorant things. Like bite me. I make a habit of trying not to wear scented lotions or flowery smelling deodorant because I don't want them thinking I'm food. But apparently some bugs love them some dark meat. Now summertime I expect to get bit and I make efforts not to. Bug spray and whatnot. But now that fall is creeping in I expect them to leave me alone and go hide somewhere. Nope looks like they want to stick around and try and make friends.

Arm bites, leg bites, whatever not a big deal. Just grab the Benadryl or Cortisone 10 slather it on and go about my day. But some areas should be off limits because frankly some bites are just rude. Like the one I have in my armpit. Yeah that's not cool at all. I am hurt and/or offended by some bug thinking my armpit was a snack. Usually I have the blanket pretty securely around me when I sleep. Not last night. For some odd reason I wanted my shoulders out and my arm was above my head. Woke up on my back with my arm still above my head. I'm guessing at some point when I rolled over Mr. Rude Bug decided he was hungry and that moment was an opportune time to feed. Bugs you are officially on notice now. I'm going to defog my house and kill every single one of you. So enjoy your free time now because it will all come to an end soon. I'm half tempted to get bug strips and watch them squirm. Thankfully I won't need to do any maintenance in there for a few more days, which should give that bug bite time to go away. Fingers crossed.


  1. I hate bugs as well. We have been living in England for the past 2 1/2 years where you have no central AC so we open windows and all the bugs drive me mad. I think that it is part of the reason that I daydream daily about the US, my tightly closed window and bug free environment. Love this post.

    Have a Great Day


    1. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia. The worst is if you bomb your house and you think all the bugs are gone until that one bug comes flying past your face.


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