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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bedtime Ritual

I'm one of those people who finds amusement in the most random things. I still love a good Disney movie. I have no problem discussing the reasons why it's bad to take Barbie's shoes off (once they're off those things are a lost cause). My friends say I'm an smart-ass with a dirty, messed up sense of humor. As my boyfriend likes to say, I'm very random. Conversations start off in a normal direction, and then somehow there's a u-turn and you end up speeding through the grass until you find Random Road. I don't mean random, nonsensical stuff, just random topics. So of course bedtime is no different. No clue why I started doing this, but a couple nights a week after the lights are out and we're settled into bed I ask a random question.

Me: Can I have a bear for Christmas? Not one of those big ones but a cute little cuddly one.

Mark: *sigh* Go to bed.

Next night.....

Me: Can I have a Clydesdale for Christmas?

Mark: *sigh* Goodnight.

Next night.......

Me: Can I have a dolphin for my birthday?

Mark: Oh my God go to bed Dee!

The week before that I think I asked for a tiger. At some point I'll probably stop before "kind of cute and slightly annoying" turns into "shut up before I put duct tape over your mouth." There's a fine line between cute and sleeping with duct tape.

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