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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm a small-medium-large-6-7-8....oh I give up!

There I was sorting the laundry that needs to be done (if it wasn't for emergency undies I'd be screwed), when a thought went through my head. Well, first I thought about lighting the pile on fire and moving to a nudist colony. Then I started thinking about how it's that time of year when I need to sort through my fall/winter wardrobe and play the Does This Fit Game. You stand in front of either your closet or a bin full of next season's stuff and spend the next few hours sizing everything up. Making sure you still fit into those cute shirts and you don't look like a walking sausage. Putting on and taking off sweaters repeatedly until you find that itchy one you meant to get rid of last year. But my favorite part (insert sarcasm here) is when I get to my pants. I love jeans, so I have a ton of them. And thanks to summer heat and eating less my weight has fluctuated here and there. So time to try on every pair of pants I own. Yaaayyy (insert more sarcasm here)!

Now men don't seem to have this next problem because for some reason all men's pants are sized by waist and length. So all they have to do is look for that and they're golden (*cough* not fair). Women on the other hand, well that right there is what we call a hot mess. Our pants fall into a number category or waist size. If you're like me and can't remember what your waist is chances are you don't own any of these pants. Just when you think "oh well all you have to remember is a number pfftt that's easy", this is where it turns into a hot mess. Depending on the material I can squeeze into a 5 (really pushing it) to an 8. Why such a big size gap? Because half of the clothing makers use odd and the other half use even size. Now if I'm comfy in a 6 I should be able to just get a 7 and call it a day right. NOPE! A 7 by this designer is like a 5 according to another designer or a 9 by this other brand over here. Needless to say I hate shopping because if you find one pair of pants you like, you need to find them in at least three sizes just in case. By the time I'm done shopping I'm ready to find a bar to ease the mental torture I just went through.

It would be nice if I could walk into a store, find three pairs of pants in the same size that I like and call it a day. But noooooo! Just save me the hassle and make everything small, medium, large, etc.

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